Seat Comfort/Performance Expert - NOBO

Job Description

1. Responsible for the establishment and improvement of subjective evaluation and objective evaluation standards, and suggest the corresponding relationship between evaluation standards and design standards

2. Responsible for the comfort evaluation of each project, identify the comfort problem and make the improvement plans;

Job Requirement
  • Education: bachelor degree or above (can be flexible with more than 15 years working experience)
  • Major: mechanical or automotive related
  • Work experience: foreign or domestic high-end customers (nissan, Toyota, etc.) cooperative  development experience, more than 10 years of seat product comfort related work experience
  • Skills: familiar with comfort mechanism research and design standards, can lead engineers to carry out related research and development work;
  • Have the ability of subjective evaluation of seat comfort;
  • Able to establish comfort design standards and evaluation methods
1588051384941 client

Our client is located in the core area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle .They have R&D centers in Yokohama , Shanghai and Hebei Province , which specilize in researching and developing interior and exterior products , seats and rubber related products . In addition , they have 7 manufacturing bases distributed in Baoding , Xushui , Tianjin , Yongchuan , Rizhao , Zhangjiagang and Taizhou .

They can provide 1,500,000 sets of seats ,interiors and exteriors and rubber related products ,with full production service structure and complete manufacturing system , manufacturing know-hows from rich mass production experience , and also also satisfy different customers'requirement.