Innovation Expert - NOBO

Job Description be responsible for benchmarking of the interiors & exteriors trend, and regularly output the industry trend and dynamic analysis report, and support on planning the technical roadmap. be responsible for planning the technical roadmap based on the products. be responsible for researches and recognition of product innovation, and to analyze the customer pain point. be responsible for development, validation and matching of the innovation projects, to push commercialization. be responsible for recognizaing new business opportunities based on the new cockpit business, and do advanced research. be responsible for function research of car seat and interiors, including functionalization, intellectualization, and contextualization. improve the innovation development process and innovation excitation mechanism.

8.promotion and application of the enterprise innovation culture and innovation tools.

Job Requirement

Education background: bachelor and above

Major in: mechanic, electronics, automobile, etc.

Work experience: 10 years + experience in auto industry

Skill requirements:

1. Experience in research on the auto market and terminal customers, able to manage and handle the changes under new automobile four modernizations and the influences and opportunities, be equipped with innovation consiousness and professional knowledge of multiple fields, such as customer pain points research, innovation, design, development, and management, etc. Be able to provide professional instructions on the above aspects.

2. 5 years + experience in user experience research, design research, and innovation research, the experience of working in the innovation design department of an international company.

3. Equipped with management capability, professional knowledge, and capability of defining new project method for innovation projects, guarantee all projects to be highly approved by the customers.

4. Able to propose on innovation products, services, and commercial modes, according to the research result.

5. Equipped with development experiences of a couple of advanced technologies on his / her own or by leading a team.

6. Skillful at the tools, such as TRIZ, innovation process, etc., be able to lead a team to dig out and recognize competitive subjects, and make it implemented.

7. with abundant innovation channels and resources, be equipped with joint innovation development experiences and realize industrialization.

1588051384941 client

Our client is located in the core area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle .They have R&D centers in Yokohama , Shanghai and Hebei Province , which specilize in researching and developing interior and exterior products , seats and rubber related products . In addition , they have 7 manufacturing bases distributed in Baoding , Xushui , Tianjin , Yongchuan , Rizhao , Zhangjiagang and Taizhou .

They can provide 1,500,000 sets of seats ,interiors and exteriors and rubber related products ,with full production service structure and complete manufacturing system , manufacturing know-hows from rich mass production experience , and also also satisfy different customers'requirement.