Senior Engineer of Exterior Trim Products Design - NOBO

Job Description

1. Interface with Toyota and other Japanese companies;

2. Responsible for the review of design & development of exterior trim products;

3. Responsible for accumulation and application of technical standards of exterior trim products;

4. Analyze the causes of difficult problems of exterior decoration products, formulate countermeasures and prevent recurrence;


1. Ability to provide benchmarking information directly / indirectly and apply it to following work;

2. Lead and guide the staff to develop product standards and manuals

Job Requirement

Education: college degree or above

Major: mechanical, automotive, materials related major

Working experience: more than 10 years experience in product design and development in Japanese company


1. Familiar with the design and development process of Japanese enterprises;

2. Can communicate in Japanese;

3. Familiar with exterior trim product design standard, process and material;

4. Good communication skill / interpersonal skills;

1588051384941 client

Our client is located in the core area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle .They have R&D centers in Yokohama , Shanghai and Hebei Province , which specilize in researching and developing interior and exterior products , seats and rubber related products . In addition , they have 7 manufacturing bases distributed in Baoding , Xushui , Tianjin , Yongchuan , Rizhao , Zhangjiagang and Taizhou .

They can provide 1,500,000 sets of seats ,interiors and exteriors and rubber related products ,with full production service structure and complete manufacturing system , manufacturing know-hows from rich mass production experience , and also also satisfy different customers'requirement.