Formula Expert of Polymer Foaming - NOBO

Job Description

1. to instruct the design and development of the material recipe.

2.regaring the onsite problems, to do material mechanism analysis, provide or review/validate the solutions.

3. VAVE technology improvement.

4.for the new material and new technology, to give recommandations and analyze the feasibility.

5. according to the product structure and foaming material, to analyze the product risks.

6. Improve the exisiting control process of foaming material.

7. Improve the foaming material performance. interpret the foaming material trend and do material storage.

9.cultivate recipe people, and improve the recipe. interpret the benchmark products.

Job Requirement

Education background: bachelor and above

Major: chemical engineering

Working experience: 10 years +

Skills requirements:

1. be equipped with abundant experience on PU recipe development, be familiar with foaming material characteristics and test methods, be equipped with the capability of recipe design, parameters adjustment and optimization, be able to independently finish new material research and commercialization;

2. be familiar with the differences of different PU recipe systems, be equipped with the experiences of material incoming inspection, processing control while manufacturing PU foam products, and experiences of solving multiple difficult and critical problems.

3. be equipped with many years of development experiences in auto PU material company, be familiar with the components, material, performance standard and test methods of Japanese, European and American OEMs, be able to build up a competitive material platforms (material selection, material performance standard and cost performance, etc.)

4. according to the different characteristics and requirements of foaming products, able to determine the product foaming physical characters and relevant technical parameters, make formula architecture, processing technologies and solutions, etc.

5. did deep research on PU self-mixing and product shape-forming, be able to analyze the root cause of product / material problems and defects from the mechanism and give solutions. be equipped withexperiences of solving multiple difficult and critical problems.

6. be equipped with development experiences of interior product PU formula project, new material development experience≥3 (comfort, low density and thin wall, etc.), and commercialization;

7. be able to lead the new material and technology development, define the material development direction and planning for the company in the next 3-5 years.

1588051384941 client

Our client is located in the core area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle .They have R&D centers in Yokohama , Shanghai and Hebei Province , which specilize in researching and developing interior and exterior products , seats and rubber related products . In addition , they have 7 manufacturing bases distributed in Baoding , Xushui , Tianjin , Yongchuan , Rizhao , Zhangjiagang and Taizhou .

They can provide 1,500,000 sets of seats ,interiors and exteriors and rubber related products ,with full production service structure and complete manufacturing system , manufacturing know-hows from rich mass production experience , and also also satisfy different customers'requirement.