About Us

HelloCareer is a global talent solutions provider, focusing on assisting Chinese local companies and government organizations to hire and build connections with targeted candidates worldwide.

We have offices and partners in many countries including the US, UK, Holland and Australia, covering the local job sites in more than 25 countries. We have also built strong connections with 100+ top universities in the world and had a global talent pool of 250, 000+ potential candidates in various industries such as finance energy, bio-tech, automotive, and mechanical engineering.

Our team has successfully provided customized recruitment solutions for various global companies by using our global footprint and expertise. The services we provide include but are not limited to overseas job posting, overseas talent sourcing & screening, overseas headhunting and organizing job events.

Our Mission is to provide a well-run human resource through the help of our responsible and professional recruitment consultants who are always ready to help the Chinese government and enterprises to recruit suitable global talent.

Leo Wang CEO

For the past 13 years he has run a marketing agency that helps Western businesses and education and institutions thrive in China.

Areas of expertise include search marketing, social marketing & English to Chinese localization.

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Trevor Wang

Talent Acquisition Solution & Project Manager who has rich international experiences and familiar with Europe’s and T...

Olivia 9debb7b2099fbed200829bf6cb391298cd603572d181e2cf88b09878ebeca03e

United States

Olivia Huo

Olivia Huo is responsible for connecting and cooperating with local universities, governments and organizations in th...

Susanne 6e84bbf514559359d34f5dfadb5ddfbed6b64f369511cdc56890df4c65e9d2cb


Susanne Zeng

Study experience in Germany, skilled in event planning and project management.

Larry a43d6a111421c93caf678f49a0568c5be37358aede58c6dca8e9dd2f5be6dd66


Larry Li

Has about 10 years of international recruitment solutions service, responsible for the management of international re...

Minna b0ad9ec75f5abfd57f5a0ad2c36e539111e4e68e2be828f9188c97b75b10d0f1


Minna Ahlvik

Is familiar with the local market and responsible for business execution and resource integration.

Michelle 80ded263159476d3964b8d2d6e47a24a6682fb0d9ea622dda449cb6d5e9d1657

Southeast Asia

Michelle Chen

Responsible for managing our alliance company in Asia Pacific and cooperating with our Chinese team to integrate loca...

Aaron 6bd30cd75db2c9eb639896a789f942b7f5b7d87689ddfff216f56f10185122e3


Aaron Ariott

Responsible for the British and European markets, as well as building relationships with universities while ensuring ...

Khai d4f6ea8bfbd06d878538190c18d3fcf01b1f76d992ae07b2313251bcba2d7b64

Japan and South Korea

Khai Park

Is familiar with employment policies and strategies in Japan and South Korea, and responsible for local recruitment b...

Marina 07ecc29768e2f1237ca76e04b2500508b6d3fac33555a9962ded01bcd897ef2b

Marina Cao

Talent Acquisition Consultant who has rich experiences of international RPO projects in various industries. Responsib...