Trainers (English/Korean/Japanese Speakers)


Ø  负责新员工业务培训(机票、酒店、火车票等业务知识和系统操作)的计划制定、组织实施、评估反馈、帮助新员工学习与成长

        Train the new employees on our business and operations, which includes Flight, Hotel, Trains, Cars, etc., and help them with learning and developing. Make training plans, organize trainings, evaluate and get feedback from the trainees.

Ø  能从搭建逻辑框架的角度出发,合理开发课件并传递知识点

Develop training materials and deliver knowledge logically. Keep the materials being updated

Ø  发现新员工在培训期间遇到的各类问题,通过相关渠道反馈并解决

Ask for questions from new employees during the training, solve their problems and provide suggestions on our business.

Ø  完成主管交办的各类事项

                 Deal with all kinds of work from the Training Manager 


Ø  本科及以上学历

Bachelor’s Degree or above

Ø  2年以上工作经验,旅游行业优先,或培训师、管理咨询等相关行业优先

At least 2 years of working experience, better in the travel industry, or used
be a trainer or work for some management consulting company

Ø 具有项目管理经验,或有从事企业人才组织行为方面的培训经验优先

Being experienced in project management or organizational behavior training

Ø  办公软件运用熟练,WordExcelPowerPointVisio

Proficiency in office software, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.

Ø  英语6级以上,或中级口译等相关语言证书,或具有更强的日语、韩语语言能力

Above CET-6 in English, or certificate on Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test. Or much more fluent in Japanese or Korean language.

Ø  做事严谨、专注,有良好的口头表达、沟通、和组织、协调能力

Being precise and careful on work. Being good at communication, and activities organization and coordination.

Ø  学习能力强,重视自身的学习与成长,工作积极主动,执行力强,有责任心

Strong learning ability and execution. Self-study and development. Being positive and responsible for work. 

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